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The badass gift card checklist you didn't know you needed

The holidays are stressful enough with family to visit and meals to make, but then add gifts to give into the mix? We don’t want to talk about it. Until now.

Let us introduce you to the Geronimo gift card. It’s the one gift card to rule them all. That’s right, it rules all the gift cards. You can use this piece of pure gold at each and every one of our brands–restaurants, hotels, fitness clubs, golf and entertainment centers. You name it.

Geronimo gift cards are THE GIFT for every single person in your life. No exceptions.

  1. Mom (because she's the real MVP)

  2. Dad (for those dad jokes and wisdom)

  3. Your kids (they gotta eat somehow, remember?)

  4. Grandma and Grandpa (the OG troublemakers)

  5. Siblings (to keep the rivalry alive)

  6. Aunts, uncles, and cousins (the crazy family tree)

  7. In-laws (the ultimate diplomacy test)

  8. Teachers (for their endless patience)

  9. Roommate (for tolerating your quirks)

  10. The neighbor whose Wi-Fi you're stealing (give them a signal boost)

  11. Mailman/woman (they deliver your junk mail, after all)

  12. Empty nesters who don't know what to do with their lives (maybe they'll find it)

  13. Barista (for those daily caffeine fixes)

  14. The delivery driver who feeds your online shopping addiction

  15. Babysitter (for saving your sanity)

  16. Your hairdresser (they make you look fabulous)

  17. The paperboy (he's still throwing newspapers, bless him)

  18. Housekeeper (because your mess is epic)

  19. People you've mooched from this year (give back)

  20. Your boss (time to secure that promotion)

  21. Coworkers (to stay on their good side)

  22. First responders (they save lives, you can save their day)

  23. The garbage man who hauls away your empty wine bottles (they've seen it all)

  24. Your Uber driver (they've heard your weirdest stories)

  25. Someone who deserves a night out (let them paint the town)

  26. Your favorite bartender (a loyal drinking companion)

  27. Your friend Karen (even if she won't return the favor)

  28. The dog groomer (for keeping your fur baby fabulous)

  29. A couple who needs a getaway (stoke the romance)

  30. The person who pulls you out of a snowbank (you owe them big time)

And of course, don't forget to treat yourself because you deserve it!

for a limited time, when you purchase $50 in Geronimo gift cards, we’ll give you $10 EXTRA.

‘Tis the season! Get to (gift card) shopping.


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