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Upgrade your gift card and loyalty game with GeroniApp – the Swiss Army knife of the Geronimo Hospitality Group universe. From crave-worthy meals to spontaneous staycations, we've got you covered.



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Click the app store above or sign up online!

 Gift Cards, Zero Fuss 

Send digital gift cards faster than you can say "cheers." No lines, no waiting, just instant gifting gratification.

 Groupies Loyalty 
Earn points for every dollar you drop on food, drinks, hotels, or retail at any Geronimo Hospitality Group property

Unlock exclusive deals that'll make your friends green with envy.

Cash in your points for legendary rewards – think free hand-crafted coffee drinks or a gourmet feast on the house.

Earn extra points to celebrate your birthday and each time you refer a friend to GeroniApp.


Score sweet deals and shortcuts you won't find anywhere else.


Conveniently order online right through the app! Select locations available now with more to come soon.

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Click the app store above or

sign up here to get started!

By downloading the app and participating in the Groupies Loyalty program, you agree to these terms and conditions.


  • Can I purchase a gift card online?
    Yes! E-Gift cards purchased online will be sent to the recipient digitally, via email. No more waiting for snail mail.
  • Does this mean Geronimo Hospitality Group finally offers e-gift cards?
    Yes, dreams really do come true! You can order e-gift cards online or send them digitally through GeroniApp.
  • How can I purchase a physical gift card?
    Physical gift cards are available for purchase in any denomination at all Geronimo Hospitality Group properties.
  • Do Geronimo Hospitality Group gift cards expire?
    Never! Gift cards can be redeemed in person at any of our locations or you can load the value of your gift card onto GeroniApp for convenient access.
  • How do I redeem an e-gift card at a Geronimo Hospitality Group property?
    To redeem your e-gift, open GeroniApp and select ‘gift card’. Scan the gift card directly from your device or ask your server to look up your account by name.
  • What is Groupies Loyalty?
    Groupies Loyalty replaces Geronimo Hospitality Group’s Groupie Rewards program. All loyalty points are now earned, tracked and managed on GeroniApp or the phone number associated with your account. You can discard your white Groupies Rewards card.
  • How do I sign up for the Groupies Loyalty program?
    Simply download our app by searching for “GeroniApp” in your app store and create an account. If you'd prefer to sign-up online without the app, click here. It's quick and easy!
  • How does Groupies Loyalty work?
    Once your account is created, you can earn and redeem loyalty points whenever you like (with exceptions on certain items), all from GeroniApp.
  • What will I earn?
    Earn one point for every dollar you spend on food, drinks, hotels, banquets, catering or retail at any Geronimo Hospitality Group property. Rack up points to use for a discount on future purchases. You’ll earn 3% rewards.
  • How do I earn points?
    When it’s time to pay, scan your Groupies Loyalty QR code to earn points. Don’t have GeroniApp handy? Your account can also be searched by name or phone number.
  • Are there any exclusions for earning points?
    Yes, like all things good, some exclusions apply. Points cannot be earned on: Gift card purchases Tax and gratuity Membership dues and fees Special events Loyalty points are calculated based on the final amount paid after any discounts have been applied.
  • Are there any restrictions on how I can use my points?
    Points cannot be used toward membership fees, retail items at clubs, special events or for private instruction.
  • How can I check how Groupies Loyalty points balance?
    Check your points anytime using GeroniApp. Select “Groupie Rewards” to see what you’ve earned. You may also sign in using a web browser and navigate to "Groupie Rewards" to see your standings.
  • Do my points expire?
    Points do not expire, but some offers may have expiration dates, which will be noted in the offer.
  • How do Groupie points work with purchasing gift cards?
    Points cannot be earned when purchasing a gift card, but they can be earned when the gift card is redeemed by the recipient.
  • What should I do with my old Groupies Rewards card?
    Please discard your white Groupies Rewards card and use the GeroniApp to earn, track, and redeem points moving forward.
  • I was actively using my Groupie Rewards card to earn points. What happened to my rewards?
    Groupies with 500 or more points as of June 18th, 2024, were rewarded with a $100 Geronimo Gift Card. Accounts with fewer than 500 points received 250 Groupies Loyalty points.
  • I signed up for Groupies Rewards, but never registered my card. What should I do?
    If you have not received an email with new account information, download the GeroniApp and create a new account. Please discard your white Groupies Rewards card.
  • How do Groupies Rewards members find out if their account transferred over to the Geronimo App?
    Our team will email all registered Groupie Rewards members with a link to the GeroniApp and their new account details. If you're unsure whether your account was registered or have questions about transferring points, email us at
  • Who should I contact if I'm having troubles signing up for my Groupies account?
    Email us at
  • I have been a loyal Groupie and am now signed in on the new GeroniApp, but it appears that my points did NOT transfer to my new account. Where did they go?
    Points did not transfer over to the GeroniApp. Instead, all registered Groupies received a Reward in their new account, 250 points OR $100 Gift Card depending on their point balance prior to the transfer. To locate the Gift Card, click on the Gift Card icon in the app.
  • Where do I find the $100 Gift Card if I was a registered Groupie with over 500 points prior to June 18th, 2024?
    Once you log into the app with the same email as your old Groupies account, click on the Gift Card icon, and there it is!
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