One-stop shop for all your meeting needs

Fully immerse yourself in the boutique lifestyle when you take over a Geronimo Hospitality Group hotel for your next corporate gathering or for your special event. A hotel takeover is just what you need to bust out of the traditional event planning mindset.

  Soooo, what is Included in a Hotel takeover?  


You have the run of the house at any of our hotels, and our portfolio of restaurants, clubs and fitness and entertainment centers are yours for the taking to create a private, customizable experience for you and your guests, with the perfect mix of business and pleasure.


Attention to detail, incredible service and creativity in how we welcome and entertain our guests are three of Geronimo’s best qualities. We'll take care of you from the moment you check in to the moment you check out.


An exclusive destination within a destination, a Geronimo hotel takeover will make your event one to remember.


delafield_hotel_050 ediit.jpg
Delafield Hotel

Delafield, WI

Ironworks Hotel

Beloit, WI

The Rooftop at Hotel Goodwin

Beloit, WI

Beloit Club

Beloit, WI

Bessie's Diner

Janesville, WI

Ironworks Golf Lab

Beloit, WI

Eclipse Event Center

Beloit, WI