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Geronicares: Our Commitment to Community

At Geronimo Hospitality Group, we believe in the power of giving back and making an impact in the communities we serve. Here, we proudly showcase the organizations and initiatives we support.


Have a donation request? 

 Community Involvement 

Geronimo Hospitality Group demonstrates its commitment to community involvement by supporting local charities, organizing events, and encouraging employee volunteerism. Their efforts in giving back strengthen community bonds and reflect their core values of compassion and service.

 How We Give Back 

GeroniCares actively supports communities through event sponsorships, donations, and complimentary experiences within our Geronimo Hospitality Group portfolio.

We prioritize initiatives that align with the priorities of the Hendricks Family Foundation, including public safety, education, career pathways, veterans' support, and community development.


 Our Giving Guidelines 

While we're passionate about supporting causes that matter, there are some guidelines we follow when considering donation requests:

  • Please submit your donation request 30 days in advance

  • Include event details and supporting collateral with your request

  • We prioritize initiatives that align with the Hendricks Family Foundation, including career pathways & workforce development, education, building strong and vibrant communities, public safety and veterans.


We do not support the following:

  • Requests to support an individual
  • Activism that conflicts with the values of the Hendricks Family Foundation
  • Sports-related sponsorship requests
  • Individual churches or religious organizations


 Submit Your Donation Request 

Do you have a donation request that aligns with our focus areas? Please submit all requests through our GeroniCares donation request form, below. We’ll ensure that each inquiry receives the attention it deserves.

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