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Geronimo Hospitality Group Launches Groupies Customer Rewards Program

Earn points at any Geronimo restaurant, hotel, co-working space, golf or fitness club

Geronimo Hospitality Group customers can now earn rewards when they become a Groupie, a free loyalty program good at any Geronimo restaurant, hotel, co-working space, golf or fitness club.

Groupies earn one point for every dollar spent on food, drink, retail and co-working space daily fees, plus earn 100 points for every hotel stay. Rack up 1,000 points and receive a $100 Geronimo Hospitality Group Rewards Card. It’s free to join and points never expire.

To sign-up, stop by any hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, fitness club, co-working space or golf club. You will receive an official Groupie card and can start earning points immediately.

Groupies will enjoy VIP perks like exclusive deals, backstage passes, Groupie-only events, and annual Groupie anniversary treats.

To learn more about the Groupies rewards program, visit:


About Geronimo Hospitality Group

Headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin, Geronimo Hospitality Group owns and operates a growing collection of award-winning, upscale boutique hotels, restaurants and clubs. Committed to providing memorable guest experiences through its genuine service and original brands, Geronimo properties are distinguished as destinations of choice for locals and travelers in the cities they operate. For more information, visit:


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