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Josh has been with Bottleworks Hotel since the doors were opened in late 2020... actually, he may have opened the doors for a few of our first guests! On a day-to-day basis, you'll see him doing everything from greeting our guests behind the front desk to inspecting rooms. You might even catch him hustling a game or two of pool.

Q. So far, how has Geronimo been different from your previous work experience(s)?


A. Freedom and Accountability, hand in hand. I have the ability to make decisions for my team and the hotel that are directly applied in day-to-day situations. This give me great pride, especially as we see the hotel succeed. I believe Geronimo is a place for those who work with intention to get things done, and I love that.


Q. What has your Geronimo Journey been?  Where did you start, and how did you get to where you are today?


A. Great, obviously! I started as the Guest Services Manager at Bottleworks Hotel, lucky to be part of the opening team for an incredible addition to the city of Indianapolis. Hard work, opportunity, and dedication to both our team and guests all met and I was able to continue making an impact as the Director of Rooms. Under the continued attention and guidance of my VP of Lodging, my previous GM and now Director of Lodging Operations, and the amazing People & Culture Team, I've now found myself reporting to duty as the General Manager! It is my greatest professional challenge and honor to date, and I'm feeling very blessed!


Q. What in the world were you doing before you came to work with Geronimo?


A. I was starting my journey in hospitality down in Miami, Florida. I was fortunate to get a starting position as a Front Desk Agent (at 30 yrs of age ☺) for Four Seasons at The Surf Club, a beautiful Forbes 5 Star property located on the beach. While there I learned a lot, worked hard and was able to move up, leaving from my time there as a Hotel Assistant Manager!

Q. Geronimo has a lot of cool people who work hard...Tell us what makes them so cool?


A. Authenticity. Geronimo is a company that welcomes and encourages individuality and personality, in my experience. I love to be surrounded by others that are comfortable being themselves and believe that the best work gets done when someone feels accepted as who they are.

Q. What is your favorite saying from the Geronimo Manifesto and why? How do you apply it to your everyday?


A. “Every Shift. Every Day”. I like this saying because of its simplicity, essentially stating that you need to show the hell up for the things you care about and associate with. Same as my time spent at Bottleworks Hotel, I apply this saying to my everyday life by going into projects, relationships and experience with my full attention and intention to give it my all.


Q. In your career, what is the gameplan?


A. Continue to contribute to and make a difference in the growth of Geronimo Hospitality. Currently, I’m very happy helping build the legacy of Bottleworks Hotel in the city that I call home. While I love (and will always love) operations on a property level, I enjoy the thought of helping develop the people and the processes used for success at every property from a broader corporate perspective. Perhaps a little later down the road ☺

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Q. If you had to pick a favorite Geronimo brand (other than BOTTLEWORKS) which one would it be and why?


A. My favorite Geronimo brand (other than my own) that I have personally visited would have to be Ironworks Hotel. I love the energy in the lobby, the rich, soothing color palette of the rooms and the surrounding area has some great options for food and drink. I feel very comfortable when I am there, almost as if I am at home.

Q. For anyone thinking to get into hospitality, share some words of wisdom.


A. If they’re entering the hospitality sector for the first time, don’t be too concerned if your previous professional background or schooling isn’t directly related. Hard skills, procedures, steps and standards of service…these can all be taught on the job. As long as you have a desire to help people and really hear what they have to say, along with maybe a few other “soft skills”, the sky is the limit in hospitality!

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