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What to Get With Your Gift Card

You’ve been asking for one all year, and you finally got your Geronimo gift card. Now what? It’s time to spend that bad boy.

“Spend it on what?” you ask? We have some ideas...


Bring your Geronimo gift card to any of our restaurants and you can buy coffee or cocktails, lunch or dinner, breakfast or brunch. Grab a date, your family or your friends and treat them to a night on the town or to carryout. You’ll be the hero of date night, we promise.

Overnight stays

No more homemade gift certificates redeemable for a one-night stay in a hotel. Now, give your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, couple friends, whoever a gift card they can use toward an overnight stay at one of Geronimo’s kick-ass boutique hotels, Ironworks Hotels Beloit & Indy, Hotel Goodwin, The Delafield Hotel and Bottleworks Hotel.

Add-ons to your stay

Speaking of overnight stays… You can add on to your getaway with a fun package or a la carte options, like champagne or rose petals. All covered by your Geronimo gift card, so you can make your stay more than memorable. Check out the Packages page on your hotel's website for all the details.


Our brands offer hats, t-shirts, quarter zips, coffee cups, wine glasses, beer glasses and more. Wear your Geronigear with pride!


Have you ever walked into one of our hotels and said, “What is that incredible smell? I must have it.” Us, too. Well, you’re in luck! Hotel Goodwin, Ironworks Hotels Beloit & Indy, and The Delafield Hotel have candles and room mist of that heavenly scent available. Pick one up at the hotel or have it shipped directly to you. Just call your hotel of choice, and they’ll hook you up.

Gift card

Whether you want to spend your Geronimo gift cards on experiences, dinners or keepsakes, they’re the gift for your friends, family, yourself and anyone else on your list this year.

Get yours today, and we’ll give you a $10 gift certificate for every $50 in gift cards you purchase. Offer ends soon!

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