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What NOT to get Mom for Mother’s Day

She cheered you on when you needed it and grounded you when you deserved it. Moms are pretty great, and to be honest, we wouldn’t be here without them.

We want to help you make Mom feel like the superstar she is this Mother’s Day so we’ve put together a list of things NOT to get her. Plus, we’ll give you the inside scoop on what Mom actually wants. Trust us, you follow this list and you’re for sure going to be the favorite child.

Things you shouldn’t get your mom for mother’s day:

1. Cleaning Supplies. She’s been cleaning up after you for this long, so she’s probably set here.

2. A self help book. She might like to read, but getting mom a self help book for Mother’s Day isn’t going to help either of you.

3. A DNA Kit. Even if you are questioning your genealogy, maybe wait on this one.

4. Wrinkle Cream. No one wants a reminder that they’ve aged a bit. Plus, you’re probably the reason for the wrinkles!

5. Flowers. Nothing says “I totally forgot it was Mother’s Day” like a grocery store bouquet!

6.Another picture frame with a pic of you and your siblings. Pretty sure she knows what you look like.

7. Wine & Food Pairing. This isn’t appropriate for Mother’s Day. You do not want to wine and dine your mom.

8. A “mom” tattoo: We’re not telling you what to do, but there are other ways to show your affection.

9. A handmade card. We hate to break it to

you, but you’re no Picasso.

10. Nothing. If you don’t get your mom anything we will put you in a timeout.

So by now you’re probably asking “what should I get mom for Mother’s Day?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Get her something that can satisfy her every craving, give her the getaway she’s been needing, and so much more.

With the Geronimo Hospitality Group Gift Card mom can indulge at her favorite restaurant, relax at an award-winning boutique hotel or get outside and play a round of golf. The options are truly endless.

Oh, and did we mention it’s super easy to purchase one? Pick up a gift card at any Geronimo business today or order online and have it shipped right to her doorstep. You can thank us later.

Get Mom a Gift Card


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