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Tickets On Sale Now for DEVIATE: An Interactive Art Experience in Downtown Beloit

Contemporary art & music event takes over the Ironworks Campus on October 15

BELOIT, WISC. (August 22, 2022)—Tickets are now on sale for DEVIATE, a one-night-only interactive art exhibition-meets-party, taking place on the Ironworks Campus in downtown Beloit on Saturday, October 15th, from 6 p.m.-11 p.m. DEVIATE is a 21+ event and tickets are required for entry.

DEVIATE will feature over 20 artists from around the region showcasing their unique designs, sounds and everything in between. The artist lineup includes:

  • Jason Blenkinsop, a Milwaukee-based artist who uses scrap metal and welds it into incredible, one-of-a-kind sculptures. After an accident left him legally blind, he hasn’t let that deter him from pursuing his passion and creating unique pieces.

  • Scott Payne, a Beloit artist and bone collector who uses recycled items and real bones and turns them into statement pieces like vertebrae lamps and skull speakers.

  • Luis Reyes finds unique antiques and transforms them into eclectic pieces. The Beloit artist incorporates nostalgia with current events in his life or what’s going on in society into his work.

  • Kat Cook is a South Beloit artist who uses optical illusions, unique shapes and vibrant colors in her whimsical paintings. She also uses math equations to make sure her lines and angles are precise.

  • Tyrone Garret is a hip-hop artist from Rockford. He wants his soul-filled, chill music to be for everyone and act as a message of hope and motivation for those going through hard times.

  • Collin Harrison, a Rockford artist, aims to create bright, bold, eye-catching images that provoke feelings through his many works that range from pottery and jewelry to paintings and posters.

  • Sergio Blanco-Manrese got his start growing up in Chicago and being introduced to graffiti. He used art as a way to keep him out of trouble and now he creates digital art and writes excerpts on life, relationships and everything in between.

  • Francisco Ramirez is a screen printer based in Milwaukee. His work can be found in galleries across the nation, including the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City.

  • Adem Dalipi grew up in Belvidere where he was writing his own songs and teaching himself how to play guitar before he was 11-years-old. He’s taken his blues-influenced sound to stages like American Idol and the House of Blues in Chicago.

“Some of the best and most unique artists from around the region will be showcasing their work all in one space in downtown Beloit,” said Ryan Hickey, director of events and programming for Geronimo Hospitality Group.

“There’s going to be something for everyone, and we’re excited to bring the community together to celebrate, collaborate and deviate.”

The goal of DEVIATE is to create a high-energy, one-of-a-kind experience in downtown Beloit that celebrates the city’s continued growth, modernism and growing art culture. The event will indulge the senses and push the limits of creativity and expression; expect to see live music and DJ’s on multiple stages, lighting landscapes, painters, photographers, dancers, sculptors, live artists and more.

Tickets can be purchased online for $10 per person. Food vendors and pop up bars selling alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages will be available on site.

For more information on DEVIATE, visit and follow DEVIATE on Facebook and Instagram for latest artist and event updates. DEVIATE is a 21+ event.


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