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Non-Profit Opportunities

Geronimo Hospitality Group, the concessions and premium services partner of the Beloit Sky Carp, is proud to partner with non-profits and charitable organizations in the communities we serve. We look forward to helping your group reach its fundraising goals.

Our volunteer program offers 501(c)(3) non-profits an opportunity to interact with fans, earn money and have some fun! Your group will join our game day concessions team in serving patrons during Beloit Sky Carp home games or at large public or private events hosted at the stadium. You provide the volunteers – we provide the crowds.


Volunteer training takes places prior to your first event, so you'll be ready to go once the gates open on your first day! Your non-profit will earn a percentage of the net sales from your assigned location; it's an outside-the-bake sale fundraising opportunity that will make a real impact on your organization and the surrounding community.


  • I want to get on the Geronimo Groupie train – how do I sign up?
    You can sign-up with one of our badass team members at any Geronimo Hospitality Group hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, fitness club or golf club. You will receive your official Groupie card and can start earning points immediately!
  • Where do I register my Geronimo Groupie card?
    Registration can be completed by visiting It is necessary for members to complete the entire registration form, including address and phone number, to receive all the Groupie benefits. You will need your 19-digit account number and pin number from the back of your Groupie Card. Registration is required in order to check your Groupie account balance. Be sure to keep your contact information up to date to receive important Groupie correspondence. If you need to update your information, please email with your full name, phone number used to sign-up and the information you would like to update.
  • How does the program work?
    Being a Groupie allows you to earn the following: Restaurants & Coffee Shops: $1.00 = 1 Point Hotels: 1 Stay = 100 Points Fitness Clubs*: $1 on F&B or Merchandise = 1 Point Golf Club*: $1 on F&B, Pro Shop Apparel Banquets, Events & Catering**: $1,000.00 = 100 Points When 1,000 points are accumulated, you receive a $100 Rewards Gift Card, good to use at any Geronimo Hospitality location. Points DO NOT reset after rewards are paid out for each 1,000 reached. They will continue to accumulate and our team will continue to track when guests hit their next 1,000 tier. Guests are not limited to the number of points they can accumulate or the number of rewards they can earn. Points are not earned on taxes. *Points cannot be earned on membership dues. **Points cannot be earned on service charge.
  • How do I start building up points?
    Simply carry your Groupie card or provide our associate with your phone number, and they can look you up in our Groupie system. Your receipt will then outline the points earned on that visit as well as your accumulated Groupie Points total.
  • Can I check how many Groupie Points I have earned?
    Checking your points balance is simple! Each time you visit one of Geronimo’s locations you can check your points on your receipt. OR You can check your points balance online at once your Groupie account is registered.
  • If I forget my Groupie card or to give the associate my phone number, can I still earn points for that visit?"
    Unfortunately, no, as we do not have the ability to confirm the validity of your visit or receipt.
  • I lost my Groupie card. Is it possible to replace?
    Absolutely! You can request a new card from one of our badass team members at any Geronimo Hospitality location and then email our team at to transfer the existing points to your new card.
  • How do Groupie Points work when I am purchasing Geronimo Gift Cards?
    While you cannot earn points for gift card purchases, points will accrue to the account of the person who redeems the gift card if they are a Groupie.
  • Can my Groupie card be used for banquets, private events or catering?"
    Definitely! At the time of booking your event, inform your Sales Manager that you are a Geronimo Groupie and when your final payment is made, they will apply 100 points for every $1,000 to your account.
  • Do my points ever expire?
    No, once a Groupie, always a Groupie!
  • If I’m dining with non-Groupies who are picking up the tab, can I have those points?"
    Unfortunately, no. The points are only available to the person paying the bill.
  • Once I reach 1000 Groupie points, how do I get my Rewards Gift Card?"
    Our Groupie account management team tracks our Groupies on the reg and will mail your $100 Rewards Gift Card within 8-10 business days. Be sure to keep your contact information up to date with us, so you do not miss out on your rewards! If you need to update your information, you can do so by logging into your account online at
  • Can my Rewards Gift Card be used towards gratuity?
    No, there is no way to cash the remaining balance to tip an associate.
  • What if I lose my Rewards Gift Card?
    No problem! Contact us via email ( with your full name, Groupie number, and phone number used at sign-up and we will research the remaining balance, void the lost card and reissue a card for the balance.
  • Can I earn points when using my Rewards Gift Card as payment?
    Unfortunately no, but if your bill exceeds the amount of your Rewards Gift Card, you will receive points on the remaining balance.
  • If I have multiple Groupie cards, can they be merged?
    Yes! Simply email your full name, BOTH Groupie Program numbers you would like to merge, which account you would like to remain active, and your phone number used during sign-up. We will update your account and the new total balance on the active card.
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